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[FAQ] How to add books without copying them into Reasily?

In the file chooser dialog, after files are selected, click the [+] button rather than [Import] button, all the files will be added to the list without copying. Reasily reads them from the storage directly.

This is useful if you manage your epub files by yourself in your own storage folders.

[FAQ] How to search for selected text on a search engine or website?

First, install this app: All in 1 Search

It lets you to set up websites and search engines that you want to use to search for the selected text.

Then in Reasily, when you selected text, click the "..." button in the toolbox, the button of All in 1 Search app will be there, click it and click an search engine to do the search.

Here are some examples you can set in the All in 1 Search app:

[FAQ] How to go back to the bookshelf from an opened book?

There are several ways to close the book you are reading and go back to the bookshelf.
Use the recent apps button on your device to switch back to the bookshelf or to other books. This is an unique feature of Reasily, every opened books acts like an app. It is recommended if you want to switch back to current book later because it is more efficient and power-saving.Long-pressing the back button to closes the book and releases memory.Use 'Close' in the menu of book. Which is at the bottom of the menu. It releases memory, too.