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[FAQ] How to break words with hyphens?

It is possible with following custom CSS:
body { word-break: break-all; hyphens: auto; }

[FAQ] Why does the night mode not work on my device?

It is mainly caused by an old version of "Android System WebView" if your device is Android 5.0 and above.
Reasily relies on it to display epub content. So you have to keep it updated in Google Play Store.
If your device is Android 7.0 and above, please update the Google Chrome app instead.
If the night mode still not works, please mail me the epub file with a screenshot, so I can find out the cause of the problem.

[FAQ] Why is my data not synced between devices?

Please check if the same account is logged in when enabling "Auto-sync data" or clicking "Sync now" on all your devices. You can "Log out" to change the account.
Make sure the internet connection is stable, then click "Sync now" to make it sync again. If the syncing message disappeared automatically, the data is synced successfully.
Please also check if the epub files are not different versions of a book on your devices. Data will not be synced between different versions of a book.
You can enable the "debug log" and "mail me" it so that I can check if there are some failures during synchronization.

[FAQ] Where's my data stored in Google Drive?

It goes to a hidden folder in your Google Drive. It is called App Folder. You can see the usage of that folder on the desktop version website of Google Drive. Click the ⚙ gear button » Settings » Managed Apps.

[FAQ] How to turn off animations for e-ink devices?

There's an "Animation off" option in Advanced settings. Reasily will try to disable animations when possible.

[FAQ] Can I install Reasily on my PC?

It is possible with an Android emulator like Remix, BlueStacks or Android Studio AVD.

[FAQ] Can I install Reasily on iPhone or iPad?

No. There's no iOS version of Reasily. And sorry there's no plan to do it.

[FAQ] Why does Reasily ask me to upgrade again?

Some Reasily Pro users have reported that Reasily asks them to upgrade again.

This usually happens on your second device.

It is possible that Google Play on your second device hasn't updated the purchase state yet, so you could try:
Clear memory, reopen the Play store to let it refresh purchase state. You can also try rebooting the device. Make sure the internet connection is stable.

If you have multiple Google account, the app should be installed with the account paying for pro before. That is, the account should be selected in drawer menu of Google Play when installing Reasily. Otherwise, Google Play thinks Reasily is owned by another account and is not paid. You can check whether the correct account is associated to Reasily by clicking the "Donate" in the menu. You might have to uninstall and install Reasily again with the correct account if the current associated account is incorrect.

If it is still not working, please tell me. I can refund money or give you a redeem…