[FAQ] Reasily 支援直排嗎?

是的。Reasily 使用 Android 提供的 WebView 元件(即 Chrome)來顯示 epub 中的 xhtml 頁面,因此對直排 CSS 的支援還不錯。

那麼,是否可以強制將橫排書籍轉直排呢?這得看情況。對於排版複雜的書籍,強制改為直排很可能會造成排版混亂。因此,Reasily 並直接不提供強制轉直排的選項。

不過,透過「自訂CSS」的功能還是可以辦到的。使用者可以嘗試用以下的 CSS 轉換成直排:
body {writing-mode: vertical-rl;}

如果排版亂掉,或者沒有作用,可以試著關掉下方的 Original 選項,來禁用 epub 本身的 CSS。


[FAQ] How to add books without copying them into Reasily?

In the file chooser dialog, after files are selected, click the [+] button rather than [Import] button, all the files will be added to the list without copying. Reasily reads them from the storage directly.

This is useful if you manage your epub files by yourself in your own storage folders.

Note: If you [Import] books into Reasily, the files will be copied into private storage of Reasily app, and the size you see in the application info will grow. After books imported, you can remove them from your download folder.

[FAQ] How to search for selected text on a search engine or website?

First, install this app: All in 1 Search

It lets you setting up websites and search engines to search for the selected text in any app.

After that, in Reasily, when you selected text, click the "..." button in the toolbox, the button of the "All in 1 Search" app will be there, click it and select an search engine to do the search.

Here are some example websites you can add to the All in 1 Search app:

[FAQ] How to go back to the bookshelf from an opened book?

There are several ways to close the book you are reading and go back to the bookshelf.
Use the recent apps button on your device to switch back to the bookshelf or to other books. This is an unique feature of Reasily, every opened books acts like an app.Long-pressing the back button to closes the book and releases memory.Use 'Close' in the menu of book. Which is at the bottom of the menu. It releases memory, too.

[FAQ] Can Reasily show page numbers and total pages of epub?

Basically it can't. Because usually there is no page number information in an epub file. Therefore, an epub reader can only simulate and show incorrect page numbers. You can confirm this when you flipping pages in the Google Play Books app, you can see that the page number is not changed when flipping, because the page numbers are not real. I think it is meaningless to show such page numbers, so Reasily shows reading progress of whole book in percentage instead.

Some books have page numbers defined, e.g., publications downloaded from For these publications, Reasily shows the page numbers at the left or right side.

Reasily also shows reading progress percentage of current chapter in continuous scroll reading mode. In single page reading mode, Reasily shows page number and page count of current chapter that correctly matches how many pages you can flip in this chapter.

[FAQ] How to break words with hyphens?

It is possible with following custom CSS:
body { word-break: break-all; hyphens: auto; }