[FAQ] How to break words with hyphens?

It is possible with following custom CSS:
body {
  word-break: break-all;
  hyphens: auto;
For an example:


  1. Hyphenation doesn't seem to work for german language although chrome (the rendering engine) should currently support hyphenation of german texts, see https://github.com/readium/readium-css/issues/31. In the html tag I added lang="de" and xml:lang="de-DE".

  2. I managed to solve the problem myself. When I removed xml:lang="de-DE" the hyphenation worked as expected. Perhaps it would have been sufficient to just change it to xml:lang="de" because Android doesn't seem to have defined "de-DE" as an alias for de-1901 or de-1996. But I didn't try yet.


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