[FAQ] Why does Reasily ask me to upgrade again?

Some Reasily Pro users have reported that Reasily asks them to upgrade again.

This usually happens on your second device.

If you have multiple Google account, the app should be installed with the account paying for pro before. That is, the account should be selected in drawer menu of Google Play when installing Reasily. Otherwise, Google Play thinks Reasily is owned by another account and is not paid. You might have to uninstall and install Reasily again with the correct account. Please check if the account shown in purchase dialog is correct.

It is also possible that Google Play on your second device hasn't updated the purchase state yet. You can clear memory, and reopen the Play store to let it refresh purchase state. You can also try rebooting the device. And please make sure the internet connection is stable.

If it is still not working, please tell me. I can refund money or give you a redeem code to make it work.

You can also help me fixing the problem by enabling the "Debug log" option in the "Feedback & help" menu. Then restart Reasily and "Email me" the debug log file. Thank you for your help!