[FAQ] How to add books without copying them into Reasily?

In the file chooser dialog, after files are selected, click the [+] button rather than [Import] button, all the files will be added to the list without copying. Reasily reads them from the storage directly.

This is useful if you manage your epub files by yourself in your own storage folders.

Note: If you [Import] books into Reasily, the files will be copied into private storage of Reasily app, and the size you see in the application info will grow. After books imported, you can remove them from your download folder.


  1. In night mode, can the NWT navigation buttons be made to display in black with white font and button border lines in white? This is actually the case with Samsung tablet, but Lenovo Android tablet displays NWT navigation buttons in bright yellow in night mode.

    1. The color invert night mode is supported on Android 5 and above. Maybe you Lenovo tablet is Android 4.x?

    2. It may also happen when you disabled the original CSS in the custom CSS dialog. Please check. 🙂


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